I like to build things. One time it's an app. Another time, it's a concept or something physical. But always together with other people. My curiousity often leads me to surprising places and topics. But I see these surprises as a chance to learn as a professional and as a person. I'm currently a Master’s student in IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Institute near Berlin.


Hasso Plattner Institute School of Design Thinking, Germany - Basic Track, Feb 2014

Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany - M.Sc. in IT Systems Engineering, graduating 2014

Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany - B.Sc. in IT Systems Engineering, Jul 2011

Work Experience

ThinkPlace (Canberra, Australia) - Business Designer Intern, Mar to Sep 2012

SAP Research (Brisbane, Australia) - Research Engineer, Sep 2011 to Mar 2012

Camunda Services GmbH (Berlin, Germany) - Business Process Engineer, Mar 2010 to Aug 2011

Teaching Experience

ME310 Global Design Innovation Class 2013 / 14, Hasso Plattner Institute - Teaching Assistant, Oct 2013 to Jun 2014

Process-oriented Information Systems 2010, Hasso Plattner Institute - Teaching Assistant, Apr to Aug 2010

Programming Skills

Profound - Java (Spring, Activiti Process Engine, Grails, Maven), Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS (Less, Bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery)

Extended - Objective-C (iOS), SQL (MySQL, SAP HANA), Python, XSLT

Basic - Smalltalk (Squeak), C# (.Net Framework)

Tools Used

Development Tools - Agile Practices, Scrum, TDD, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Xcode, Terminal, Inubit BPM Suite

Design Methods - Rapid Prototyping, Usability Studies

Modeling Standards - BPMN, UML, BPEL


German - native

English - business fluent

Spanish - business fluent

Sign Language - just started

And one last thing. I'd do lots of things for a basket of fresh and salty popcorn, seriously!!



My Work

Checkout my portfolio of past & ongoing projects

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Trivia + IATA = TrivIATA

Jul 2014 - TrivIATA is a small trivia game that checks your knowledge about airports. Why did I do that? Because I really like airports. I can spend hours on Google Maps exploring the airports of the world. Yes, I am an aviation geek ;-D. After the first release and some positive feedback from other airport enthusiasts, I decided to evolve the prototype into a more sophisticated game. Try out TrivIATA. How many airports you can guess?

thumb of BCART project - generated image


Dec 2013 to Jan 2014 - 99% of medical research in the Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT) are "failed" experiments and continuous refinement. These insightful learnings would be very helpful for young researchers at the BCRT in order to avoid future mistakes. Unfortunately, this wisdom is not passed on because "failure" is intimate and there is no encouraging context to share these learnings. BCART provides a button for researchers to release their frustration of another “failed” experiment and turn it into an encouraging feeling. The frustration is visualized and shared anonymously in the BCRT which sets the ground for communication discussion of the issues. Watch our final presentation of the School of Design Thinking Basic Track or checkout our documentation.

thumb of Market Sphere project - app screenshot

Market Sphere

Oct 2012 to Jun 2013 - The entire shopping and cooking process can seem like a time-consuming ordeal for young urban professionals in Germany. Market Sphere lessens the burden by allowing customers to browse recipes, virtually shop at a local EDEKA store on their iPad, then retrieve the order from a secure locker located near their homes. Market Sphere is the result of a 9-month design class in coorperation with Hasso Plattner Institute, Stanford University and EDEKA. Watch our final presentation or checkout our poster.

Thumb of Route Finder App - Screenshot

Route Finder

Nov to Dec 2012 - Routing algorithms are used each day, but only a few people know how they work. Route Finder is an educational tool that illustrates the concept and workings of known algorithms, such as Dijkstra and A-Star. Users can interactively explore the data structure used and the decisions made by the running algorithms. Watch our screencast, checkout our presentation or download NXTeToys Squeak image.

Thumb of Listening to Families project - journey map

ACT Government: Listening to Families

Mar to Jun 2012 - "Listening to Families" was a unique co-design research project for Community Services Directorate in Australian Capital Terretory (ACT) supported by ThinkPlace design consultants. The project aimed to engage directly with nine families with complex needs to better understand their unique journeys through the ACT service system. These unique stories helped to identify what could be done in the service system and to inform future policy and service delivery in the ACT. Watch our video or visit the website.

JodaEngine project team - Gerardo Navarro (right), Jannik Streek, Tobias Pfeiffer, Tobias Metzke, Jan Rehwaldt, Thorben Lindhauer

JodaEngine: Process Enactment Platform

Jan to Jun 2011 - While classic process engines focus on performance, compatability and portability, we designed the JodaEngine as an extensible process engine for BPM researchers that allows the evaluation of new algorithms and approaches. As our yearlong capstome project at Hasso Plattner Institute, the JodaEngine was the foundation of our individual bachelor theses. In my thesis, I developed a flexible event subscription framework to implement process instantiation and process execution approaches. Visit JodaEngine on or checkout our poster.

Thumb of NXTeToys project - Squeak Etoys environment


Apr to Jun 2010 - Lego Mindstorms NXT is a robotics kit including a set of modular sensors, motors, and other smart Lego parts to create customizable, programmable robots. Etoys is an child-friendly educational tool running on Squeak Smalltalk for teaching children the concepts of programming. NXTeToys brings these two technologies together by enabling children to program and test their own NXT programs within their familiar Etoys environment and deploy the programs directly to a Lego Mindstorms robot. Watch our screencast, checkout our presentation or download NXTeToys Squeak image.